The Enemy is Not Hate it’s Fear

Fear can be and indeed often is the root cause of the self-limiting beliefs and behaviours we come to exhibit. Which become more and more evident if we’re stuck in the minutae of our lives. If that’s the case then it may be time for you to Fear Less – Live More ? Especially if you’ve come to fear being seen as a failure, making mistakes or moreover the opinion of others?

If this sounds familiar, it’s more than likely that somewhere in your past there is a person, a situation or some other reason that has had a significant negative impact on your life?

Possibly to the extent that you’ve come to think of this as the root cause of the issues you maybe facing today? When we attach an emotional pain point to a significant memory it can if we’re not careful lead to the self-limiting beliefs and behaviours we come to exhibit and in all honesty?

We often don’t even recall the original root cause at all. We simply ‘know’ that we hate something or someone or are afraid of being seen to make mistakes or the one which for far too many of us becomes crippling – the fear of not being enough

But it doesn’t have to be like that at all when we come to understand that in all of this? We have the power of choice. We can choose at any given point in time to take the chance to choose to change, but all to often we don’t


Because as bad as it make be at times? The fear we experience whilst staying very firmly behind the carefully crafted façade of our comfort zone? Is far, far preferable to the fear of the unknown on the other side. Its ok to hate what happened to us and the fears we come to have as a result but when we allow that to control our future?

We not only hate our experiences?

We allow the fear that those same experiences installed to become our operating software and one which on any day is far more powerful that either the likes of Apple or Google will ever invent

The programs of fear, anxiety and overwhelm for instance become second nature to the degree that our minds come to dictate how we live the reality of our future through the negative & self-limiting beliefs and behaviours that were also installed during the process and we rarely think to question the situation. Simply because its just always been like that

In turn we repeat these over and over again and we become stuck exactly where we say we don’t want to be!

Because we’ve  learned to fear and yet fear is not the problem!

The root cause of our hatred is the problem!

And regardless of what that root cause is?

It’s in the past, over, finished, done. The only power it has over us is that we choose to give

The question is how long will you allow YOUR LIFE to be ruled by the actions of others and the situations from your past? There is much we can and indeed should do to redress the balance and begin living life confidently in such a way that we not only can but do create the long lasting, positive change we wish to see?

Today is the youngest you will ever be, on balance how much time do you have left to waste? The future is NOW are you ready to LIVE IT and come to know the difference between simply surviving and truly thriving?

Have a great day and week ahead and remember my friends regardless of what anyone else thinks?

Remember – YOU ARE ENOUGH!


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