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Mental Ill Health is for many a delicate & very emotive subject but here you can listen as in her inimitable style Sue speaks with integrity in an impassioned way utilising honesty, emotion and humour as she shares her insight on how to be happy in yourself regardless of the situations you encounter along life’s journey. Reinforcing her belief that for every negative there is without doubt a positive to counterbalance it & shows why we should never lose sight of the fact that life is not a rehearsal.

If you have ever been affected by Mental Ill Health issues whether directly or by association & who along the journey have lost sight of the fact that whoever & whatever we are it’s enough? Then listen here to Sue’s story, one where determination overcame adversity, where claiming back the right to be loved unconditionally and cared for without fear of recrimination or bullying became the priority. It grew from the necessity of choosing between excess or recovery, laughter or tears, conflict or peace BUT above all the realisation that there is always, always hope!

 ”Life is a journey of that there is no doubt but it isn’t a race. In the long run it doesn’t matter how long it takes you to get there only that you do” – Sue Curr


Empowering YOU to have the courage to be who you REALLY are!

If you are waiting for the right time, Its now - right NOW!

What Client’s Say

Hi Sue, I had to message you the  Q & A  video moved me to tears, it really resonated with me & made me realise it’s not just me & seeing you talking openly like this gives me the courage to do the same Marcus . L . B

Marcus, L.B

What Client’s Say

Having just gone through a tough break up can I say what an amazing inspirational woman you are. Your words really hit home & I do need to find that person that’s inside me again so thank you.

Jen, C.S