Is it time to reboot your mindset?

When it comes down to which is the most powerful computing technology around? You can forget Apple and it’s Mac or Microsoft and it’s Windows. You need to look a lot closer to home and reboot your mindset

What? Where?

Take a look in the mirror because every single one of us comes  complete with the world’s most powerful, pre-loaded, fully operational software system there ever has and most probably ever will be …

Our Brain

In simple terms the brain itself. That 3lb or so mass of grey/white tripe like matter in our head, acts like a modem. For instance it ensures our hearts beat on average 100,000 times per day, keeps us alive and by definition functioning.

As amazing as this feat is in and of itself? It’s largely acknowledged that the active part of the brain, the part which processes & regulates the electrical energy which becomes information is…

Our Mind

The mind itself is subdivided into 3 parts; conscious (awareness of the present), subconscious (awareness of accessible information) & unconscious (memories & experiences which form belief & behaviour patterns). It’s bombarded every single second, even while you’re sleeping by millions of bits of information all of which are processed instantaneously & subconsciously.

On the one hand that’s amazingly good news when you think about it. We don’t have to remember to breath, remind our hearts to beat, blink the grit out of our eyes & so on. The time management savings on this fact alone are immeasurable.

On the other hand however given we’ve already established that we technically operate by remote control it’s where many of us come unstuck. Why?

Because if you ever knew it at all? You quite simply forget to reboot your mindset!

The unconscious element of our mind, the part where our memories & experiences have been safely stored away and added to time and again over the years has been quietly laying the rock solid foundations upon which our behaviours & beliefs have been formed.

Those same beliefs & behaviours which impact all day, every day on the way we live our lives. The ones which determine our mindset and the way we act & react to life.

The ones which predispose us to positive or negative behaviour. In short the ones which colour not only our view of the world but that of ourselves and our perception of what we can or cannot achieve!

For many of us this isn’t an issue, for others however it’s these unconsciously formed belief systems which can and do form the basis of all manner of psychological issues. Anything and everything from lack of confidence & low self esteem upwards.

The trap that we sometimes fall into (often willingly because it’s the easiest option) is that just because it’s always been this way that’s just the way it is or worse still has to be.

Errr? Wrong! Wrong! Oh and err WRONG!

Everything in life is temporary the seasons, the situations we find ourselves in, our lifespan and very definitely our thoughts.

The thought process in itself is actually as temporary or permanent as we choose to allow it to be.

Lets take a plausible example. Your mother taught you to cook a Sunday roast and in doing so instilled in you that the best way to cook your joint of beef was to let it cook the whole way through. Fine. Except she meant until it was uniformly the same shade and texture of dry, tasteless cardboard. Yet when you ask her why she cooks it like? She simply looks at you and says ‘because that’s way my mother, grandmother, great grandmother etc cooked it. It’s just the way it should always be done!’

Is that true?

Of course not. Times have changed and cooking appliances have evolved. We have new recipes and innovative chef’s like Jamie Oliver have made sure that we can, if we choose? Cook beef differently. Whether or not it’s better will always be cause for comment and that’s fine because we’re all different, with equally different opinions.

Our thoughts and by association our mindset are absolutely no exception to this. But make no mistake it’s always your responsibility to be self-aware, especially when there’s a need to reboot your mindset!

As children we are very much guided by our responsible adults

However as we learn and grow there comes a natural point at which we become responsible for our own lives, our choices and the way in which we want them to play out.

If you really don’t like something your career, your relationships, your work/life balance or anything else for that matter. Yet you are paralyzed by the inaction borne on the back of – ‘I can’t do anything about this because’ – you fill in the blanks. Then I’m here to tell you that you most certainly can. Whatever it is you wish to change although it may not be easy, in this day and age it is more than definitely possible.

If you want to live the reality of your dreams, write a book or even become a brain surgeon, when everyone in your family has historically been a shopkeeper? Incidentally there is nothing wrong with shop keeping or anything else in between.

Then you and you alone have the capacity and the choices available to you to make it happen!

When you realise this then you have to consciously as opposed to unconsciously make the choice, to take the chance, to choose to change the way things are and most certainly have to decide how you’re going to execute that

Having thought about what you really want to change? Start small

Especially if it involves one of lifes intangibles; happiness, self-esteem, love, gratitude etc

Write it down and as you do so say the words out loud. When we see things laid bare as we write and at the same time enhance that by verbalising them? We reinforce the signals we are sending to our unconscious mind – our beliefs and behaviour bank if you will – that things are about to change.

Do this often, several times daily preferably. It’s a massive step in the reprogramming of your thought process

Obviously as important a start as this is, in and of itself it isn’t going to create the long and lasting change which you seek. You have to be willing to build on the foundation by becoming self aware.

Become aware of your negative self-talk

When you catch yourself thinking or saying anything which has a negative or dis empowering effect on you? Stop and ask yourself how you can rephrase the thought to change it’s meaning to it’s positive opposite.

It’s a simple law of physics that for every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction and the thought process is no different. The chances of successfully achieving the change you seek, regardless of area will be further improved by taking steps to remove yourself from negative or toxic situations and relationships.

Learn to be brutally honest with yourself. Totally and brutally honest. Not only what you want but what you will need to do to ensure it happens. Which by the way should always include surrounding yourself with like minded people.

You need to take your goals – plan them out and then take action

As with every major decision you will ever make it all starts with you. It has to.

The responsibility for living the life you want to live is yours and yours alone. Obviously take advice and guidance from people you trust and/or outside agencies but always remember knowledge doesn’t become learning until we make the leap from what we do know to what we don’t!

As the saying goes there’s no time like the present so make a start today and begin to reboot your mindset

In order to create and sustain long lasting, sustainable change we have to begin to take responsibility. Not only for the choices we make but their consequences. People tell me all the time that it’s ‘not easy’ or ‘I can’t do that’ but the fact of the matter is that they, like me and you most certainly can.

As humans we are naturally predisposed to being creatures of habit. What better way to begin to reboot your mindset then than to establish new, positive habits that not only serve to underpin your newly found self-awareness but to help you to move forward positively in life.

There are many ways to do this

One of the most important things we can do is to consistently set ourselves up for success by creating and sticking to a positive morning ritual the benefits can be immense and not only will you have begun the process to reboot your mindset?

You will begin to feel, look and act better, more confidently because in the process of rebooting your mindset you have also taken the first most important steps to reclaiming your life and enabling yourself to live it in your own way, on your own terms with both purpose and passion!

Be awesome in creating your new life by design instead of living it by default

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Sue Curr is an Award Winning Empowerment Coach & Speaker who as a result of her own significant journey at the hands of her historical battle with her personal dual demons of mental ill health and alcoholism now strives daily to

‘Empower You to Have the Courage to Be Who You Really Are