International Award Winning Inspirational Speaker Sue Curr is Now Available for Speaking Engagements

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Now Available for Guest & Keynote Speaking Engagements

Becoming fearless Sue Curr

Previous Clients

Recently Sue has spoken nationally and internationally for the following (among others) business and corporate clients

  • The Women’s Economic Forum – London (U.K), The Hague (Netherlands) & New Delhi (India)
  • The Lift Effects Conference (U.K)
  • The Department of Work & Pensions (U.K)
  • The British Tinnitus Association (U.K)
  • The Elite Network Personal Development Community (U.K)
  • The U.K. Business Circle (U.K)

PLEASE NOTE: Sue is also available for interview and indeed has guested extensively for podcasts & radio shows from the U.K to the U.S.A, Canada, Costa Rica & New Zealand (and even a motivational T.V channel in Iran!) as well as being featured online by CBS News, FOX, ABC & NBC across the United States


Now available for speaking engagements, Sue Curr is an award winning, inspirational speaker who in her inimitable style talks straight from the heart with a refreshingly honest perspective. Using both humour and emotion with integrity and passion to keep audiences truly engaged from first word to last

Sue speaks candidly about her past. How failing to take responsibility for the choices she came to make along the way almost cost her, her life. It’s become her purpose and passion in life, to reach out across the world and pay forward the valuable life lessons she learned along the way. By paying forward the lessons learned along the way and today she now empower others to understand that we truly are the only ones who have the key to and control over our minds

A consummate story teller, Sue draws from a wealth of personal experience to speak about mental ill health, addiction and recovery. Whilst at the same time intertwining her professional expertise to educate audiences that the past has no power over us, other than that we choose to gift it. She takes them on a journey which shows them how to pick up the pieces of the past and take back their power. Ultimately showing them how to reclaim the life that is theirs alone to live. A life that by the time they leave, audiences worldwide, have truly come to believe that anything is possible

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How we see our future is so much more important than how we remember our past, there are no mistakes only lessons to be learned – Sue Curr

Sue’s Awards

Such is Sue’s growing popularity as a speaker that she is now the proud recipient of the following awards

  • East Midlands Chamber of Commerce | Finalist – ‘Enterprising New Business Woman of the Year – March 2017
  • W.E.F – Womens Economic Forum | ‘Iconic Women Creating a Better Future for All’ – May 2017
  • W.E.F – Women’s Economic Forum | ‘Exceptional Women of Excellence’ – April 2018
  • LIFT EFFECTS |  ‘Contribution to Humanity – June 2018

What Client’s Say

I had the honour of being in the audience of Sue Curr’s talk, at the Sheffield Coaching Exchange, yesterday. Not only was the talk so engaging that you could hear a pin drop, throughout, but full of engaging content too. As an aside the whole talk provided an absolute masterclass in how to speak from stage – Roger Cheetham, Speaker & Author

Roger Cheetham

What Client’s Say

Sue was recently guest speaker at our event and she was fantastic! The audience were gripped, and several commented about how inspired it left them feeling. Sue’s story is very inspiring, she demonstrates so well how we can overcome all obstacles and go on to achieve more and more. I’d highly recommend Sue as a guest speaker or for those interested in attending her workshops, you’ll be guaranteed to leave with high energy and motivation levels! Lisa Read – Coaching Exchange

Lisa Read