Sue Curr’s professional expertise, comes from an extensive background in education and social health care. Primarily in the area’s of mentoring people with mental health related conditions. Today she specialises in empowering others to reframe the way they themselves and leads them to understanding that anything is possible when we are prepared to try

If you (or someone you know) are looking to make effective, long lasting, sustainable change? Whether that’s personally, within your business or both?

Why not take  the first step and connect with Sue to discuss the options and solutions available to you. You’re welcome to request an hour long complimentary strategic discovery session. It’s vitally important to Sue that in working with someone, they are equally as comfortable with her as she is with them

After combining her professional expertise with a wealth of personal experience along life’s loneliest of roads, that of mental ill health. Sue has over the years come to develop a range of Fear Less – Live More programs and coaching options which cover, but aren’t limited to;

  • Increasing Motivation & Achievement

  • Achieving Mental Wellbeing

  • Overcoming Self-Limiting Belief’s & Behaviours

  • Coping with Anxiety

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming

Fear Less Live More Areas of Expertise
  • Mental Health In the Workplace

  • Stress Reduction

  • Growth Mindset Strategies

  • Work – Life Balance

  • Behaviour Management

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Sue Curr Mental Well being Fear Less Live More



  • Mental Well-Being
  • Addiction/Recovery
  • Coping Strategies
  • Self-Care
  • Combating Stigma
Sue Curr mental well being i the workplace



  • Tell Tale Signs
  • What Can You Do
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Performance Management
  • Conflict Resolution
Sue Curr Motivation and Achievement Fear Less Live More



  • Growth Mindset
  • Self-Belief
  • Personal Development
  • Employee Engagement
  • Strategies for Success
Sue Curr Educational Empowerment Fear Less Live More



  • Empowering Learning
  • Growth Mindset
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Raising Achievement
  • Interpersonal Skills

What Client’s Say

I consider myself very fortunate to have crossed paths with Sue. Intrigued at the work she was doing, I reached out to her in the fall of 2016 to see if she would be interested in being a featured guest on my podcast. Not only did she agree and knock that out of the park by sharing her authentic and powerful story, she has become a friend and great example to myself and others who aspire to take charge of their lives by fearing less and living more. It has been a joy to watch Sue contribute and grow and help empower others to live their lives to the fullest, and I look forward to supporting and celebrating her efforts every chance I get.

What Client’s Say

Creative, positive, caring and invested are the words that come to mind when wishing to describe Sue Curr. I have known her on both a professional and personal level for over 10 years and have worked with her on a number of different projects. In that time I have found her to be enthusiastic, energetic, and tireless in her efforts to create a positive environment for her friends, clients and colleagues. This is delivered directly though her work as a speaker and coach and generally through her amazing positive attitude towards life for the people she interacts with on a day to day basis

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