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Empowering YOUR children to be able to Fear LESS - LIVE More !

It is far, far easier to raise a whole child than it is to mend a broken adult

The Headteacher’s Opinion

I was first introduced to Sue as someone who may be able to support our oldest children through their end of year tests. As a school we had had several years of children not performing to their full potential and becoming visibly worried and upset during test conditions. It soon became very obvious that Sue would do so much more than this. Very quickly we realised that Sue would support the children not just to cope with the pressures of tests but also to positively manage anything that life may throw at them! Sue’s exceptionally positive attitude towards life had a massive impact on the children and their families. Parents were keen to talk to Sue and asked whether she could do similar work with them. They talked about noticing differences in their children. The children were becoming more confident and positive and had strategies to deal with stress. Sue will always go the ‘extra mile’. She was with the children in school throughout their end of year tests and was able to motivate and calm when needed. There were no children visibly upset during any of the tests and the children approached them in a much better manner than the previous year. It was a pleasure to work with Sue and I am thrilled that she will be returning next year

Vanessa Vaughan – Headteacher

Vanessa Vaughan

The Students Have Their Say

”I have learnt that anything is possible if you try”

”I now see worries as positive things because it lets me challenge my brain”

”I have learnt about the three parts of the brain and YES I now know how to calm down”

”How to be calm. To breathe properly when I’m stressed and to be confident”

”How to concentrate which helped in SAT’s oh and how to write with my mouth” – Y6 Students