Fear Less – Live More

Why do so many of us fail to understand that when we truly learn to fear less and live more? We begin to thrive instead of just survive? What  is it that causes so many of us to allow fear  based perspectives to prevent us from living the lives we were born to live?

If you or someone you know are rooted exactly where you say you don’t want to be? Then perhaps it’s time to take pause long enough for you to regroup, realign and refocus on why that’s the case?

If you’re riddled by negative self-limiting beliefs and behaviours? You might like to kick-start your journey to becoming fearless, by downloading your complimentary copy of our E-Workbook  ‘Where Am I Going’ – Find Your Way t Clarity & Focus 

No matter the root cause of any inability to fear less and live more that may be holding you back?

Whether you consciously or subconsciously have come to fear; change, failure, making mistakes, the opinions of others?

Have a poor self-image, lack of self-belief and/or confidence?

The ‘Fear Less- Live More’ range of bespoke coaching and training solutions will empower you to: take the chance to choose to change the way you see yourself, your situation and ultimately – your LIFE

Will it be easy? NO!

Will it be worth it? Absolutely YES!

Fear Less Live More

When you decide to invest in yourself by setting an intention to move from barely surviving to truly thriving and choose to work with Sue, be that personally, in your professional capacity or maybe even both?

You will LEARN:

  • Why FEAR has such a physiological & debilitating effect on us

  • How to address the root cause & in doing so  & disempower it

  • The key to and control over your mind

  • How to create the reality of your dreams

  • Why future so much more important than your past

  • To see why FEAR is only a link between our current & future realities

For further details or to explore your options on how to Fear Less & Live More

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Fear Less Live More Fear of Chabge



Fear is nothing more then the link between our current and future realities.

Fear Less Live More Fear of Mistakes



Fear has no power over us when we remember mistakes are no more than opportunities to learn.

Fear Less Live More fear of the opinion of others



Fear can have the power to prevent us from achieving our goals and dreams, the opinions of others just being just one of them.

Fear Less Live More fear of failure



Fear of being defined by others as a failure is largely which prevents us from trying to achieve something in the first place.

What Client’s Say

What a thought provoking day! I came away emotional and inspired! Sue shared her story in a relevant and authentic way along with lessons and research to compliment the topic. Many workshops give you lots of time to work on handouts/activities, I loved that Sue did not do this! She gave a full day of great information, experience, hope & created inspiring conversation; enough so I felt I had to get stuck into the worksheets & information she sent home with the attendees. I would highly recommend attending one of Sue’s workshop’s – Naetha Uren, Recovery Coach

What Client’s Say

I recently attended Sue’s ‘Growth is on the Other Side of Fear’ workshop and would love to recommend it to others. It amazed me how much we covered in a day, with some great insights into FEAR and how to overcome it

We also came away with practical actions to work through to continue the great work we started on the day. Brilliant. Thanks, Sue – Jo Cavalot, Director of Dottymow