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Bespoke Coaching Programs

Sue Curr creates individually bespoke coaching programs for each client, be that individually face to face or online or business/corporate workshops, away days & seminars. Indeed she thinks it’s vital that she does. Each client, their situation and obviously their lives and businesses are as unique as their fingerprints. Bearing that in mind Sue equally believes that individually tailored coaching programs are the most beneficial for anyone looking to make long lasting, positive change. Regardless of whether that’s personally or as part of a bigger picture within organisations and businesses

Following detailed consultation, Sue creates each bespoke coaching program, utilising background information provided by the client. Using this client centered care approach enables Sue to successfully deliver each coaching program in partnership with the client, based upon mutually agreed aims and objectives

Whilst each coaching program is unique, the assessment process to establish a clients requirements, follows the same generic path. One of an in depth, detailed consultation. Which provides an informed understanding of where they are now as well as where they wish to be. Together with complete clarity as to what it will take to effect the long lasting, positive change they seek. All of which ultimately is designed to provide appropriate solutions to meet client requirements and bring a successful coaching program to life

The Benefits

The benefits of the creation and delivery of any bespoke coaching program, enables the client to understand the importance of valuing themselves as individuals. Someone who can only benefit from increased self-confidence, positive self-image & a soaring self-esteem. It encourages the client to become creative in their thinking by re-framing the way they see both themselves and the world around them

At the same time empowering them to become well rounded, happy, whole individuals in their own right. Each coaching program looks to nurture clients who are eager and enthusiastic in their approach to life. One which they choose to live in their own way and on their own terms. A life that they will come to love living with both purpose and passion, without ever feeling the need to apologise, excuse, justify or explain themselves

Someone who in spite of anything and despite everything? Has finally found the courage to become the person they were born to be, before life and the world taught them otherwise

empowerment Sue Curr

Working with Sue

  • Coaching Programs are designed to enable and/or increase our sense of self-belief. Whilst at the same time creating optimum conditions mirroring these concepts back to individuals and groups alike, thus increasing an overall sense of self-worth
  • Once committed to a coaching program individuals quickly come to know, accept and own their truth and use the same to enhance their lives
  • Clients understand, perhaps for the first time, that without exception, they can step up and into the best version of themselves possible
  • Coaching Programs instil a sense of inner confidence and promote an increase in the mental strength needed to overcome the obstacles and challenges we face in life, by seeing them for what they really are
  • Clients become empowered to truly understand that perseverance counts for much more than any perceived failure and why
  • And in the process become someone who in spite of anything and despite everything? Has finally found the courage to become the person they were born to be. Be that personally, in their businesses and careers or as is often the case – both
  • Coaching Programs effectively move clients forward positively from their current situation, to where they not only desire but deserve to be
  • They learn to effectively use both the tools and strategies to reduce stress and overwhelm, ultimately leading happier, healthier & more whole than they previously(if ever) were

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What Client’s Say

Sue talks passionately about mental health and the choices we make with a lovely combination of humour and seriousness. She doesn’t pull any punches when she’s talking about taking responsibility for our lives and the paths we choose. But she does it with such empathy that you really feel she’s on your side, not preaching at you – Lucy Davies – Websites by Lucy

Fear Less Live MoreLucy Davies

What Client’s Say

Sue’s Growth is on the Other Side of Fear workshop was emotive and thought provoking. Sue’s direct approach and open-ness without the need for a lot of flowery waffle was delivered well. I’d certainly recommend to anyone who is thinking of making a change, or needs a metaphorical boot up the bottom! Katie Bain – Games Explorer

Katie Bain, C.S