Bespoke Programs


Because every situation is different the problems, needs & requirements of clients are by definition as unique as their fingerprints. With this in mind Sue has successfully adopted & implemented a client centered care approach which means she can effectively deliver a program designed specifically for her clients requirements by building on a rock solid foundation of the information & insights gained during the strategic discovery & consultation process.

 The typical customisation of any clients requirements will follow the same generic path of…

 An in depth, detailed consultation in order to gain an informed understanding of the primary objective, short, medium & long term targets and the solutions & strategies which will need to be implemented to bring the overall vision of a successful programme to life.

  • The design & creation of the agreed programme will be modelled to include fine tuning & a final consultation prior to implementing. This ensures cohesion between client requirements & the preferred delivery method/learning styles.

  • Underpinning the learning & promoting accountability by utilising strategic follow up sessions linked to both personal & professional development.

For further details or to request an initial no obligation informal chat I’d like to invite you to reach and connect with me using the Empower Me link below.


Empowering YOU to have the courage to be who you REALLY are!

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What Client’s Say

Hi Sue, I had to message you the  Q & A  video moved me to tears, it really resonated with me & made me realise it’s not just me & seeing you talking openly like this gives me the courage to do the same Marcus . L . B

Marcus, L.B

What Client’s Say

Having just gone through a tough break up can I say what an amazing inspirational woman you are. Your words really hit home & I do need to find that person that’s inside me again so thank you.

Jen, C.S