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I help ‘Professional Swans’

You know who I mean, those who glide serenely through life, giving the impression that everything’s under control yet under the surface?  They’re paddling like crazy just to stay afloat for fear of being seen to be unable to cope. I empower them to fearlessly eliminate overwhelm & stress, bring order to chaos & lead happier, more meaningful lives, in their own way & on their own terms by leading them to step up & into their own best self


Hi, I’m Sue

Hello There & Welcome

Having the courage & choosing to become finally ‘fearless’ (I’m still not a fan of spiders mind, but hey I’m only human after all, right?) as a lifestyle choice became almost inevitable for me in the autumn of 2012. When having already endured a life-long historical battle, that of mental ill health. I subsequently & almost fatally descended into full blown alcoholism and on September 26th, 2012 I was admitted as an emergency to hospital with among many other things, end stage liver failure & my battle for survival began in earnest

It took almost 6 weeks for me to not only pull through but be thought stable enough to return home under the watchful eye of my husband. But trust me as grateful as I was to be going home following my dalliance with the grim reaper? It was to another 3 years before I even considered that I was ‘finally fearless’  let alone actually believed it. First I had to begin the oh, so very slow process of fully recovering by allowing both my body & mind to heal. I have to be honest & say I wasn’t the most patient of patients in the early days. But having survived the most difficult time of my life bar none, I set about rebuilding my life from the inside out after finally understanding that everything begins and ends with us

Especially the way we choose to think about, talk to & see ourselves. I realised, that our past truly has only the power over us that we choose to give it and frankly at the then age of 52 years old? I decided to start taking responsibility for the life that was mine alone to live including not only the choices I was making but their consequences

For me a large part of that came through writing (I started a blog – Living Life From the Inside Out ) as a result of writing about the lessons I’d learned along the way people started to want to know more, radio & podcast interviews followed & before I knew where I was?

Suddenly I had a business. The rest as the saying goes ‘is history’ but suffice to say that today (everyday) I am grateful beyond belief to not only still be alive but to be able to help other people like me (and perhaps you) to understand that we can all of us, make a decision at any given point in time to rewrite the story of our lives after all, as my all time favourite female philosopher Maya Angelou once famously said

‘When we know better – We do better’ 

I Help ‘Professional Swans’

Say What?

Yep you heard me, but the type of swans I’m talking about are women & men from all walks of life. Women & men who just like you, are often so paralysed by the inaction caused by negative, self-limiting belief & behaviour patterns that they’ve become rooted in a fear based way of living. The same people who, like you are convinced that they’ll never do, be or become the person that they so long to be. People whose world view of themselves manifests in habitual negative mind chatter & creates beliefs systems which support them in a self-fulfilling reality of;

  • believing they aren’t ‘enough’
  • have a chronic lack of self-belief
  • suffering from overwhelm & stress
  • overthinking worries & problems as a matter of habit
  • being crippled by procrastination

For many of you, taking the chance to choose to change what’s resulted in you carrying a lifetime’s load of of emotional & mental baggage around? Becomes so totally daunting & overwhelming that you don’t even know where, let alone how to make a start & take a chance to change

Change the;

  • Way the you think about & speak to yourselves & in being able to
  • Reboot your mindsets to the degree that you can start laying the foundations upon which you can
  • Begin to know, own, validate & accept the truth that whoever & whatever you are
  • It is ALWAYS enough!

And that’s where I come in. I work closely with you to ‘dig deeply’ & dis-empower these thought patterns, help you to re-frame them positively & move forward to embrace a brighter future with renewed hope & the promise of a future reality that you not only desire but deserve

In essence I empower you to finally have the courage to allow the world to see who you really are by showing you how you can confidently re-frame, rebuild & reclaim the life that is yours alone to live. If you doubt that you can do it … remember what Seth Godin had to say about it

‘We get what we settle for, we don’t have to settle for what we get’ 

Empowering YOU to Fear Less - Live More

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Becoming fearless Sue Curr

Working with Sue

Whether an Individual, Business Owner or a Corporate Organization you can be confident that by investing in a tailored, bespoke program designed exclusively for you, that you will be receiving a very specific & personal service.

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Becoming fearless Sue Curr

Fear Less – Live More

Life is too short to waste the currency of time doing anything which serves only to make us miserable and yet far too many of us do just that. Day in, day out because we’ve convinced ourselves we’re not good enough, pretty enough, smart enough etc. Sound familiar?

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Becoming fearless Sue Curr


I help people to confidently create the long lasting, positive & sustainable change they are seeking. I empower them to fearlessly eliminate overwhelm & stress in order to restore balance and regain both clarity and focus in life. Sound familiar?

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What Client’s Say

Sue brings a wealth of life experience to her work, which clients find refreshing, and inspiring. Sue is passionate about what she does which helps to encourage and motivate her clients into making some positive changes in their lives. “Feel the fear and do it anyway” is one of Sue’s motto’s, as well as “never be afraid to take a risk, you could well amaze yourself as well as inspire others around you! “Jayne Briggs, Business and Executive Coach, The Executive Matrix.

Jayne Briggs

What Client’s Say

‘’I highly recommend going on one of Sue Curr’s courses, they are very practical and clearly demonstrate how the words you speak about yourself determines how you think, then feel and then behave. Sue’s courses clearly show you how to change the negative thought processes into positive ones and give you golden nuggets of light bulb moments along the way that will change your life’’ said Rachel Salway of Roseannah Fairtrade Fashion

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