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The Enemy is Not Hate it’s Fear

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The Enemy is Not Hate it's Fear Fear can be and indeed often is the root cause of the self-limiting beliefs and behaviours we come to exhibit. Which become more and more evident if we're stuck in the minutae of our lives. If that's the case then it may be time for you to Fear Less [...]

Is It Time to Reboot Your Mindset

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Is it time to reboot your mindset? When it comes down to which is the most powerful computing technology around? You can forget Apple and it’s Mac or Microsoft and it’s Windows. You need to look a lot closer to home and reboot your mindset What? Where? Take a look in the mirror because every single [...]

Do you ever ask yourself is it OK to be sad?

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Is it OK to be sad? Many people struggle with the concept of sadness and often ask themselves Is it OK to be sad? The answer of course is yes it is OK to be sad. Every emotion we experience contributes to the state of our mental health. Sadness just as much as any other emotion is and indeed [...]

Mental Ill Health, the Loneliest of Roads

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Why on Earth Can't I Be Normal Like Everyone Else? In all probability unless you’ve ever experienced scarily extreme mood swings, crippling anxieties, paranoia & obsessive behaviours to name just a few or had to factor in fear, isolation, shame & guilt as part of your daily routine as you struggle to avoid (in your mind [...]

Take the Chance to Choose to Change

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Life is too short to waste the currency of time doing anything which serves only to make you miserable and yet far too many of us do just that as we concentrate on merely surviving as opposed to thriving each day Day in. Day Out! What is it that holds such sway over us that we [...]

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